First walking shoes to engage toddlers with Autism and Downs Syndrome

Published : 2015-01-13 13:11:22

First walking shoes for toddlers with oodles of personality
When your toddler takes those momentous first steps, you want your child to have fun, be safe, and explore their independence. Is it too much to ask that they could have all of this and some funky shoes as well? Not with our bright, exciting range of Gripper Soles™ shoes!
There’s a pair of first walking shoes to match the personality of the Cheeky Chick, Patch Pup, Puddle Duck, Mucky Pup, Dino Baby or Ladybug in your life. Carefully designed for comfort and durability, your toddler can wear these funky friends indoors and outdoors.

Gripper Soles™ are both practical and fun

Mucky Pup gripper soles

Pediatricians suggest that first walking shoes should be flexible and lightweight. If they aren’t, they can make it harder for your child to walk. Highest priorities for first walking shoes should therefore be extreme comfort and room for movement. Gripper Soles™ are manufactured with this in mind, but their design makes exploring fun too as the inexperienced walker starts to see their world on a whole new level when standing up. Best of all, if your Mucky Pup is playing outdoors with toys that require somefancy footwork, like our speedy selfpropelled Didicar, you can throw Gripper Soles™ shoes straight in the washing machine if they need to be cleaned.


The base of each pair of Gripper Soles™ shoes is made of soft rubber. This offers increased traction on slippery surfaces like wooden flooring or tiles, so your little one can securely find their feet. Soft rubber soles mean these funky shoes are just as durable for outdoor play with other practical features that also nurture and protect your child’s feet:
● An elasticated cuff for a snug fit around the ankle
● An antibacterial insole
● A bumper at the front of the shoe to protect toes
Snug and warm, Gripper Soles™ first walking shoes are made from breathable cotton in the upper area to ensure those first tentative steps are unrestricted and not uncomfortable.

They’re the next best thing to bare feet and are available in a range of different sizes.

Encourage play and independence
When your toddler first begins to walk they are at the very beginning of their own personal journey of discovery. Gripper Soles™ encourage young children to dress themselves and find their independence. Step by step, children grow in confidence as they can take on small tasks for themselves and, for this reason, Gripper Soles™ funky shoes are easy for toddlers to pull on and off. They come in six bright designs to suit your child’s personality and are easily folded and packed away for travel, making life easier for parents or guardians too. You can take your favourite Gripper Soles™ design with you everywhere you go.

cheeky chick gripper solesdino baby gripper solespatch pup gripper solespuddle ducklady bug gripper soles

Extra benefits for children with special needs
If your child has Autism, Downs Syndrome, Foot Drop, or wears anklefoot orthosis (AFOs) then Gripper Soles™ have added benefits for your little walker.


The National Autistic Society reports that children living with Autism and Aspergers’ Syndrome can be hyposensitive, which means that objects can appear to be darker or lose features. The bright colours of Gripper Soles™ funky shoes can help to engage children on the autistic spectrum, designed for comfort and pleasure.

Downs Syndrome
Where children with Downs Syndrome often have smaller feet in length and have high insteps, their specific needs are not always catered for when it comes to shoes. Thankfully, fashion is changing. Adults with Downs Syndrome are designing clothes to fit their body shape and Gripper Soles™ are funky shoes for toddlers, whatever size their feet.

Drop Foot and AFOs
Children with conditions like Cerebral Palsy can have reduced muscle strength in their legs that inhibits walking. Ankle braces, or AFOs, help to reduce tension in the legs and Gripper Soles™ fit comfortably over the top of these. Flexible shoes like Gripper Soles™ mean that children like Harry can continue to wear AFOs to assist mobility, but at the same time wear funky shoes to feel included amongst their peers.

Whether you have a Cheeky Chick or a Patch Pup in your circle, Gripper Soles™ are a fun fashion accessory for children who love bright colours and characters.

Social Enterprise
Blossom for Children is a social enterprise, which means we do business for good. Every product you buy supports our parent charity, Tree of Hope. We support families in the UK and Ireland whose children need specialist medical surgery and treatment. Our mission at Tree of Hope is to help with the provision of therapy and equipment to relieve suffering for children with complex medical conditions and offer hope for a better quality of life.
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